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The Dance Centre

Discover the Dance School with a difference.

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The Dance Centre

The Dance Centre located in Avondale Heights, north west of Melbourne has built a reassuring reputation for excellence in dance, acrobatics, performing arts, fitness, wellbeing and personal development.

Discover the Dance School with a difference.

From the moment you enter The Dance Centre you will feel instantly welcomed into our dance centre community. We treat all students and families equally, celebrate individuality and help support and empower our students to become the best versions of themselves.

The Dance Centre prides itself on being a 'Friendly, No Fuss and Stress Free' boutique school offering professional quality training at a family friendly price.

Our Mission is to teach Dance with a difference. Breaking through the stigma and becoming leaders who advocate for Dance to be kind, inclusive and a positive experience.

Together as a community we support each other, uplift one another and invite every person to show up as they are without the fear of being judged.

The Dance Centre is a family run business who try to create a second home, extended family for our community. At The Dance Centre we focus on providing a warm friendly and nurturing environment that helps support each student develop personal and professional skills for life.

There will be a lot of opportunities and magical moments offered to you and your child at The Dance Centre but there is also no pressure. You can choose to participate in as much (or as little!) as you like. We understand that families are busier than ever and we don't want to make life harder for you.

There are many reasons why The Dance Centre is the preferred choice for families.

Discover the difference today!

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A Message from the Principal -

Jess Modica Crichton

The Dance Centre was created with the vision of opening a Dance School that I would want to send my daughter to. After I had my first born, like most toddlers she would dance and bop around the house whenever she heard music.

I have been blessed to have been in the Dance and Performing Arts industry for over 37 years and this year I celebrate teaching for 26 years.

Over that time being in the Industry, I was provided with the insight of what was working well for students and what desperately needed to change. With my daughter in the forefront of my mind, I knew I wanted a Dance Centre that would be a place where she could be inspired, empowered to show up as herself, feel supported and dance without judgement.

As a qualified and registered Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, Nutrition Coach and Holistic Counsellor, it was important to me that The Dance Centre took a holistic approach when working with students and became what it is today - Leaders in dance, fitness and wellbeing education.

Our educators and trainers share my vision, most of our teachers have grown up being taught by myself so are committed to the mission of helping each and every one of the students be inspired to become the unique versions of themselves.

As teachers, role models we truly want to make a positive impact and difference in their day to day lives. We do this by creating a warm, inclusive, nurturing, friendly environment. Encouraging students to try new skills and make goals for themselves and together we help each child reach their true potential - Encouraging students in a way that brings out their best. We are equally dedicated to our community. When you join The Dance Centre, you are instantly welcomed in to our extended family. At The Dance Centre we work tirelessly to break the stigma of dance being competitive and instead promote community over competition, progress over perfection. Together - Students, teachers, parents and carers create the atmosphere, vibe that is the beating heart of The Dance Centre. The Dance Centre Foyer and studios is where special lifelong friendships between families are made.

Safety and the wellbeing of our students is our top priority. The Dance Centre has state of the art training facilities. Featuring dance studios with Show Works sprung flooring and Tarkett which is specifically engineered to protect performers bodies. Show works floors can be found in World Class Studios such as the Australian Ballet, Chunky Move and NIDA.

The Dance Centre also has full size studio mirrors, ballet barres, acrobatics equipment, gym, yoga, pilates and injury rehabilitation equipment for students, a welcoming foyer, cafe and play area for students and siblings. A lot of careful thought and planning has gone in to creating a home away from home for all those that enter.

We would love to welcome you in to our community. Please feel free to contact me and we can chat about how we can best help accommodate your family. As a family run business, we personally know how hard it is to juggle everything. The Dance Centre prides itself on being a ‘No Fuss, Stress Free’ school. 

We look forward to meeting you!

Our Approach

It’s important to us that we get to know you and your child. You are not a number here.

We endeavour to ensure all members feel valued and equal within our community.

We believe in investing in to your child's wellbeing and taking their dance, fitness and performing arts experience to a whole new level. We do this by offering more than just Dance class plans. Our students also study Fitness, Nutrition, Positive Mindset, Self Care, Self Love, Goal setting, Time management and so much more in their classes.

At The Dance Centre we aim to provide the highest level of education and service to our community. 

We aspire to raise the next generation of Kind, Confident and Resilient performers that create a positive dance industry in the future.

Our Values
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At The Dance Centre we are committed to providing our students with highly experienced, kind, caring, qualified teachers.

Our Team are passionate about dance and performing arts and thrive on delivering classes that motivate, inspire and nurture students to be the best at their craft. 

All Staff hold Working with Children Checks and First Aid certifications. 

Our Team


Melbourne Dance Centre

The Dance Centre is a leading dance and fitness studio located in Avondale Heights, north west of Melbourne. We are committed to providing our students with an array of exciting dance classes that encourages fitness and motivation; as well as learning the art of dance in a safe and comfortable environment.

With classes ranging from Jazz, Musical Theatre, Classical Ballet, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Tap and Acrobatics, we have something to suit everybody of all age groups.

Our Classes and Courses

At The Dance Centre, we offer a variety of classes to meet your individual needs. Whether you are a beginner, advanced or an anything in between student, our physical classes will be adapted and modified to suit your current ability level while also helping you achieve your goals. 

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Looking for a ‘dance school near me’ that is close to home? The Dance Centre ticks all the right boxes.

From beginner, intermediate or advanced experience, our dance classes cater for a range of different capabilities. Considered one of the best dance studios in Melbourne, we have proudly built a solid reputation for dance and fitness excellence.

We understand dance requires skill, energy and motivation. At The Dance Centre, it’s our job to ensure you are getting the most out of each class. Whether you’re joining for fitness, wellbeing or personal development, The Dance Centre is the number one choice for kids, families and adults.


Why Us?

We are not your typical Dance Studio

At The Dance Centre, we are a Holistic studio which means we focus on supporting the whole person.

We achieve this by creating a safe inclusive space and teaching students more than just 'dance steps'. Students learn how to move their bodies to be strong, healthy and confident. Teachers empower them to try new things, set goals and equip them with skills and tools to maintain long term health and wellbeing.

Our Goal is to create a future generation of individuals who lead the way with kindness and compassion over competition.


Professional quality training at an affordable price!

At The Dance Centre, you can be assured that you are receiving professional quality classes for a family friendly cost.

Professional Studios and State of the Art Facilities

We have invested in having a beautiful inviting space that has the very best flooring and facilities for our students as their health, training and safe dance practices is our Top Priority.

Our Main studios have Show Works Sprung Floor which are the exact same floors you would dance on in World class facilities such as the Australian Ballet Company, NIDA, Chunky Move and the Victorian College of the Arts. The complete Sprung Floor system by Show Works including Tarkett; provides shock absorbency for the feet, ankles, shins, knees and hips during classes.

Our Tap / Musical Theatre, Singing studio also has a Premium hard floor making it a versatile option for all genres.

Our studios are equipped with Ballet Barres, Mirrors, Acrobatic / Gymnastic Mats & Equipment, Full Functional Gym and Yoga / Pilates equipment, Air conditioning, Heating, Air Purifiers and Sound systems.


Caring experienced teachers

We are proud of our dedicated and passionate teachers who strive to be innovators and leaders in the industry. They are caring, nurturing and highly experienced, not only providing the highest level of training but also help support your child to reach their full potential.

No fuss, No pressure approach

At The Dance Centre you decide how much (or how little!) you would like to participate in. There is no sewing costumes, curling hair or elaborate makeup at our studio. We like to keep it simple and stress free.

We value the wellbeing of our students

We understand the importance of inclusivity and a sense of belonging. We are a community of like minded individuals and work together to ensure no one gets left behind or left out at The Dance Centre.

We support our students and help assist them in developing their personal and professional skills that they can take with them throughout their life.

We also ensure all selected music, costumes and choreography is age appropriate to protect the wellbeing of all students.


We genuinely care about our Dance family

We will always be there to help in any way that we can.

We always strive to improve our service

The staff at The Dance Centre are constantly upskilling to ensure we bring the latest methods to our students. As a business, we are always looking for ways to deliver an exceptionally high service, above and beyond your expectations.


ActiveActivities Most Popular 2020 Award

What Dance Parents say...

"As a family, we love The Dance Centre. It's a positive environment for our child to explore her love for dance. We love the dance community and the many friendships we've built over the years at this friendly dance school. The balance of Dance and life works really well for us"

Lidia (Dance Parent)

"The Dance Centre is a welcoming and loving dance school where the teachers promote self- confidence, self- belief and positive self- esteem. It is a safe, positive environment that takes a holistic approach to developing and nuturing its students. We feel very blessed to be a part of the Dance Centre family"

Julie (Dance Parent)

"We love The Dance Centre because Jess has created a fun, friendly, nurturing, environment with passionate, supportive dance teachers driven to assist students growth not just with their dancing but also teaching them life skills"

Anna & John (Dance Parents)

"We love The Dance Centre because both of our daughters have developed and improved their dancing skills every year since starting. We also love the nurturing environment and the amazing dance family. It is such a wonderful place to dance and follow your passion"

Silvana & Con (Dance Parents)


Do you have an event coming up? Why not book a Birthday Party at our studio.

Are you celebrating a birthday soon? Birthday parties at The Dance Centre are a great way to take your birthday celebrations to another level, while dancing away with your closest friends and family. Have fun, make memories and learn new dance skills with our experienced team of dance teachers and party hosts.






Ready to embrace some new dance skills? Feel free to drop in to our dance studio in Avondale Heights and explore the different options we have on offer. Alternatively, you can contact us using the information below:

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