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As a condition of enrolment at The Dance Centre, students and their parents or guardians agree to abide by all of the policies set forth by The Dance Centre, its director, faculty, and staff. The Dance Centre reserves the right to terminate any student’s enrolment at any time for misconduct or inappropriate actions by either the student or his or her parent(s)/Guardian(s).

The Dance Centre teachers take their roles as mentors, role models and teachers in your child’s life seriously. It is our objective to inspire a passion for Dance, Fitness and Wellness. In the process, we strive to lead by example and help your child create memories at our studio that will last a lifetime.


The Dance Centre is committed to providing high-quality dance classes. We provide a safe and positive environment to encourage our students to explore Dance, Performing Arts, Fitness and Yoga classes  with qualified, professional nurturing teachers.

We believe that Dance and Performing Arts training encourages young people to develop self confidence as well as Fitness components to improve their coordination skills, muscular awareness and increasing their range of movement and flexibility.

The highest level of teaching standards are expected from all of The Dance Centre faculty. The Dance Centre encourages all teachers to be lifelong learners who continue to educate themselves through certification programs, masterclasses, workshops and other learning opportunities.



Our students, teachers and community are at the heart of everything we do.

We aim to make a real difference and be a positive influence.

Connection & Community:

An inclusive, welcoming and community focussed environment connecting students, teachers and families.

Fostering personal connections, where lifelong friendships and memories are made.


Using education in dance, performing arts and wellbeing as a tool to assist our students and team in their self-discovery, to reach their full potential, whilst growing their personal and professional skills.


We strive to educate about Safe dance practices, injury prevention and the welfare of all students and team members is our top priority.

Personal Growth:

We embrace and celebrate individuality. We promote a supportive environment for freedom of expression through dance and music. We empower students to show up as they are, have the courage to try new skills and become the best versions of themselves.



Please complete enrolment forms and details. All Enrolment forms need to be accompanied with an Administration and Registration fee of $40 per student. This fee is an annual charge for the year and is Non Refundable.

No enrolment form will be processed without the Registration  fee paid.

New students - once you return your enrolment form to us we will contact you to confirm your classes.

Existing students – you will be accepted into all enrolled classes and will only be contacted if there is a problem with your class selections.

Class spaces are limited.

Existing students and siblings will be given first priority. Please note, spots cannot be held for you.


No enrolment form will be processed until the administration/registration fee has been paid.

All Casual Classes and Invoices are Non Refundable.

All fees paid after the invoice due date will be penalised with a $30 late fee. At The Dance Centre we keep our class sizes to a minimum. As our dance teachers and overheads are paid regardless of how many students attend, there is no discount for missed classes. You are paying for a spot in your class. If you are going on an extended overseas holiday, please contact our office and we can discuss options with you. There are no credits or deductions for missed classes due to birthdays, illness, camp, excursions or short family holidays.

All fees are inclusive of GST. Fees are advertised on the The Dance Centre Class Packages document. Class fees are invoiced by the term or direct debit can be arranged.The full term invoice must be paid, regardless of the number of classes the student wishes to attend (or actually attends).There will be no refunds, credits, or transfers if the full term isn't completed.

When enrolling in our classes, you are committing to a service contract for a complete term. The Dance Centre do not offer refunds for cancellations during this time.


It is important that you make a conscious and dedicated commitment to your classes. Each week please come to your class prepared and eager to learn. Class time is your chance to leave the outside world behind you and focus on yourself and your passion.

Show up to your class dressed in uniform, ready to learn from your teachers and work as hard and as consistently as you can. Use each class as an opportunity to grow and become better at what you love to do.

Students please ensure you are a role model for our younger students. Please be mindful of your language, tone and behaviour. Mobile phones are to be switched to silent and are not to be used during class time. Please show respect and care for our studio and our equipment. The Dance Centre offers many performance opportunities, excursions, master classes and dance examinations throughout the year. No event is compulsory, students and parents can decide whether they would like to participate or not. Please confirm with your teacher upon your decision.

Please Respect your teachers. Listen to feedback, guidance, focus during your stretch time and make a mind body connection when working on strengthening your technique. Listen to your teachers instructions and corrections given, whether it’s directed at you or another dancer. A correction shows you how much a teacher cares about you and your progress as a dancer and helps you grow, evolve, learn and improve.

All students are to be punctual to every class. If a student is late and misses the warm up, they will not be allowed to participate in the class. Warming up is the most important component of class to avoid the risk of injury.


Our studio prides itself on being a dance family and having a positive atmosphere and inclusive environment. 

Cooperation and kindness between all parents, guardians is expected. As adults, we lead by example for our children. Showing respect—for other parents, the students, and the team—makes an important impression on the children watching us. You are a role model for your child about how to interact with others in a professional environment.


The Dance Centre team meet regularly to discuss the students’ progress and/or placement. It is our policy to offer appropriate opportunities to every child.

Placement decisions are derived from many years of teaching experience. Often a child is placed in a particular group or class because of their ability and not always their age. A child can also be placed in a class where he or she will feel confident, in order to promote the development of self-esteem. 

Any dance class or performance can involve risk or personal injury. You acknowledge that while we take all reasonable care in the conduct of our classes and performances, we accept no responsibility for injury during class time or performances. Every student should be physically and medically fit for the class they are attending. Please advise the teacher of any medical conditions or physical injuries your child may have. 


Communication between parents and staff is very important at The Dance Centre. We like to keep you informed with your child’s progress as well as what is happening at the school. 

Please direct any enquiries relating to your individual child to

Important news, notices and term fee invoices will be sent via email. Please ensure you provide us with a current email address. 

To support our communication to you please also join our closed The Dance Centre Parents group on Facebook and 'Like' The Dance Centre public page. You can also follow us on Instagram @thedancecentre_avondale 

Please respect our approach to establishing professional relationships with our students and parents. Please ensure all contact is made by email or our studio phone. Please refrain from contacting staff on their personal mobiles or social media platforms.


The uniform set out by The Dance Centre is highly recommended for all students. The set uniform must be worn to all classes. Students, must wear appropriate dance/active wear to class, This is to ensure teachers can see the students body alignment and ensure they are dancing correctly and safely. The Dance Centre has a Dance store on site and uniforms can be purchased.


  • It is expected that students are punctual to classes.
  • Please advise the office (phone or email) if the student is going to be absent due to illness, injury, holidays, school camp etc.
  • If child is late to class and misses the warmup which is the most important component of the class, they may be asked to sit out and watch.
  • No gum, jewellery (except for stud or sleeper earrings) or mobile phones are permitted in class. 
  • Whilst all reasonable care is taken, to the extent permitted by law The Dance Centre is not liable for students outside of scheduled classes or the immediate premises. Parents of Kinder, Tinies and Pre Junior / Junior students are asked to pick children up from inside the studio, rather than asking students to leave the building and walk to the car.


All students are offered the opportunity to participate in various performances and concerts.

Please do not feel any pressure to participate. These special events are not compulsory.  Students wanting to participate must commit to attending additional rehearsals if required. All students must attend the dress rehearsal and stage rehearsals as well as be available for all scheduled performances.

Please Note: If students are participating in any productions, masterclasses, workshops, competitions or performances outside of The Dance Centre, It is Industry etiquette for students to inform the Principal.  Students must not perform choreography taught at The Dance Centre without seeking prior permission from the Principal.


The Dance Centre have set up and will maintain a safe dance environment for their students. Appropriate emergency and COVIDsafe procedures exist and staff understand the procedures relevant to their location. The Dance Centre staff have the responsibility and authority to ensure that health and safety objectives are achieved. They will identify and eliminate unsafe acts, procedures, conditions, equipment, and hazards of all kinds. Behaviour from students, parents or visitors that may cause an unsafe environment, will not be tolerated. It is the responsibility of the student or parent/guardian to inform The Dance Centre of any prior or current illnesses or injuries prior to enrolment or prior to class. In the event of an injury, The Dance Centre will administer First Aid treatment by a qualified first aider. If medical services are necessary and an ambulance required, the student/parent will incur the costs. Physical contact may be required. The Dance Centre MUST be notified of any allergies that a student may have. Emergency evacuations will be practiced and Fire extinguishers, fire hose reels and fire blankets are located within the premises. Any student who has been diagnosed by a Medical Practitioner as being at risk of anaphylaxis should bring an epipen to class and leave it with their teacher, labelled with their name. This epipen will be administered by a first aider if required, under the instruction of 000 staff if an emergency arises.

Asthmatics are also required to provide their teacher with a copy of their asthma plan.

Students may be given treats and lollies from their teachers as a celebration. Please advise us if your child has any allergies.



In order to maintain a happy, healthy, professional environment, students are taught the importance of being a part of the group. We encourage students to have respect for other students, the teachers and staff, and studio property, and we foster the development of good habits and compliance with rules of conduct.

Our staff and faculty are trained to use constructive techniques of discipline to maintain class control and handle individual misbehaviour.

  • Children who exhibit unacceptable behaviour or attitudes are told what is wrong and directed to a positive alternative approach or behaviour.
  • If a child strikes another child, the two are respectfully separated and each is asked to explain what happened. They are then asked to help solve the problem, talk to each other, and reconcile with one another.
  • Children who are disruptive will be respectfully asked to stop the behaviour. If the behaviour is repeated, they will be reminded of it and told how it affects others. If the disruption continues, the children involved will be asked to sit down for a short period of time (usually three to five minutes) before re-joining the class.
  • If a child’s misbehaviour continues to disrupt the class, the parent or guardian will be asked to collect the child.


The Dance Centre does not tolerate swearing, indecent or disrespectful language, defamatory comments, or indecent or disrespectful conduct from students, parents/guardians, family members, or visitors. Any individual who demonstrates any of the above will be asked to withdraw from The Dance Centre immediately. This behaviour includes at the Premises or outside of the Premises, social media or on the internet. Negative communications between parents and/or students will not be tolerated by The Dance Centre. Where negative communications take place, the parents and students involved will be asked to withdraw from The Dance Centre immediately. This includes at the Premises or outside of the Premises, social media, or on the internet. Any person who does not comply with The Dance Centre Terms and Conditions will forfeit their position at The Dance Centre and, to the extent permitted by law, will not be entitled to refund.


All students are to treat their teachers and fellow peers with the utmost respect. Misbehaviour towards anyone will not be tolerated and your classes will be cancelled immediately.

The following will not be tolerated in person, via email, via text messaging or via the internet; Verbal abuse or shouting, Physical Abuse, Excluding or isolating a person, Psychological harassment, Humiliating a person through sarcasm, criticism or insults, Ignoring or belittling a person’s contribution or opinion. Where any persons feel that they are the victim of bullying, they should discuss the matter directly with the person/people concerned and request an end to the behaviour. Should this approach fail or be inappropriate, the victim can contact The Dance Centre office for assistance in resolving the matter.


A grievance is a real or perceived cause for complaint. The Dance Centre recognises that open communication and feedback are essential elements of a satisfying and productive environment. Every effort will be made to solve problems cooperatively and informally before presenting them in writing as a formal grievance. Students can be be assured that they will not be disadvantaged by the use of such procedures whether decisions are found for or against their grievance.


For the safety of our students, staff, and visitors, we kindly ask that all those attending The Dance Centre park in the allocated parking spots. We also ask that you enter the building to collect your child. Please ensure your children are collected from the studios at their finish time. Understand that children will only be supervised during their scheduled class time. Children will not be supervised before or after the class they are attending. Parents are required to collect their child at or before the set finishing time. Likewise The Dance Centre will not be responsible for students transport arrangements or their safety to or from classes or events.


In certain circumstances, when it is in the best interest of one or more students of The Dance Centre, it may be necessary for The Dance Centre to terminate a student’s enrolment. All reasonable efforts will be made to correct a problematic situation before terminating enrolment. 


Students become distracted by parents/guardians sitting in the class and watching. Therefore we encourage parents/guardians to ‘drop and go’ or wait in the foyer. Parent distractions can also affect the entire dynamic of the class so your support in this matter is greatly appreciated.

We welcome all parents/guardians to watch their child's first class. We believe children need to feel 100% comfortable in the unfamiliar environment, surroundings and with a new teacher and peers. We also know how important it is that parents get to see how we teach and interact with our students before deciding whether or not we are the right school and fit for their child.


Parents, family and friends are invited to watch classes generally at the end of each term.


To the extent permitted by law and without limiting your rights under the Australian Consumer Law, our liability is limited to (at our option):

  • the supplying of the service(s) again; or
  • the payment of the cost of having the service(s) supplied again.

In the event of any failure to comply with any of the terms, conditions, codes or policies referred to on this page, The Dance Centre reserves the right to cancel the student’s enrolment and in this situation any fees paid or payable will not be refunded.


  • From time to time images and footage from classes, school performances, class photos and various events will be used to promote the activities of The Dance Centre e.g on the The Dance Centre website, YouTube Channel, social media (e.g. Facebook/Instagram), noticeboards, brochures etc. Parents consent to the use of images of their children in this way, and waive all rights in respect of such images. The Dance Centre will not sell the images to third parties.
  • At Open Days parents are permitted to attend class and take images of their children. To respect the privacy of all children, may we ask parents that you only take photos of your own child. Parents must use all such images appropriately. The Dance Centre takes no responsibility or liability in relation to the use of images by parents. 
  • The Dance Centre encourages active and responsible participation by parents on its social media platforms (e.g. Facebook). All posts and comments must be respectful, polite, inoffensive and appropriate. The Dance Centre does not always monitor its platforms, so if you see that something inappropriate or offensive has been posted, please contact The Dance Centre immediately. 
  • Students are not to post routines, choreography or upload content to their socials without permission from their teacher or the principal.


  • Dance is a physical activity and whilst all reasonable care is taken, to the extent permitted by law The Dance Centre is not liable for injuries sustained during classes, instruction, performance activities or otherwise.
  • In the case of an injury or health concern in respect of your child, all reasonable efforts will be made to contact you promptly. But, in the case of an emergency, or in the event that you cannot be reached, The Dance Centre will seek medical attention for the student. This may involve The Dance Centre rendering first aid to the student or calling an ambulance for the student. You agree to indemnify The Dance Centre for any costs incurred in obtaining such emergency medical attention, for example ambulance fees.


The Dance Centre reserves the right to revise, amend or modify our Policies and Terms and Conditions at any time. Revisions will be published on our website. Please check regularly for any changes.



The Dance Centre is committed to Child Safety and Keeping Kids Safe in Dance and the Dance Industry.

The Dance Centre Child Safety and Wellbeing Policy outlines how The Dance Centre prioritises the safety and wellbeing of children and what steps The Dance Centre will take. The Dance Centre Child Safety and Wellbeing Policy, sets out the organisation’s expectations about child safe practices for staff, students, parent volunteers and the broader organisational community.


We are committed to remaining up to date with current best practice and implementing within our studio. You can find our Full Child Safety and Wellbeing Policy at our Front Desk.


  • We want our students to be safe, happy and feel empowered. The Dance Centre’s core values support this commitment.
  • We support and respect all children, as well as our staff and volunteers.
  • We are committed to the safety, participation and empowerment of all children.
  • We believe dance is for everyone. We will work in partnership with parents and students to ensure that class placement is appropriate to the level and need of the student. We will plan, create and  deliver class content to meet each individual’s needs and goals.
  • At The Dance Centre we are supportive and nurturing amongst our staff team, students and families. We are always considering how we can best serve and engage with our students and families. We are constantly looking and participating in local activities that promote dance and our students.
  • Our team are constantly learning and evolving so we can ensure we provide up to date teaching styles, methods and modern choreography to our students in an age and skill appropriate level.
  • We have zero tolerance of child abuse, and all allegations and safety concerns will be treated very seriously and consistently with our policies and procedures.
  • We have legal and moral obligations to contact authorities when we are worried about a child’s safety, which we follow rigorously.
  • Our organisation is committed to preventing child abuse and identifying risks early, and removing and reducing these risks.
  • Our organisation will continue to keep up to date with all obligations via our partnered associations - Australian Dance Institute, YPAD, Fitness Australia, Dance Arts Alliance and AUSdance Victoria.
  • Our organisation is committed to regularly discussing, training and educating our staff and volunteers on child abuse risks.
  • We have specific policies, procedures and training in place that support our leadership team, staff and volunteers to achieve these commitments.
  • Our organisation has robust human resources and recruitment practices for all staff and volunteers.
  • We are committed to providing an environment where all student’s feel valued and can learn in a supportive atmosphere regardless of their skill level.
  • We support and respect all children, as well as our staff and volunteers. We are committed to the cultural safety of Aboriginal children, the cultural safety of children from a culturally and/or linguistically diverse background, and to providing a safe environment for children with a disability.
  • We are committed to employing teachers that uphold these values and we will stop classes and remove a teacher should we feel their behaviour is inappropriate.
  • As a minimum, all staff will hold a current Working with Children Check and Level 2 First Aid certificate. Staff will have extensive knowledge and experience relevant to the style they teach and a formal qualification (or be in the process of obtaining qualifications under the direction of the Principal). All staff will attend regular internal and external professional development.
  • Parents are an important part of our dance community and should always feel their children are safe. We expect all parents and carers to uphold the child safe standards and code of conduct.
  • We are committed to the holistic learning and development of the children in our care and endeavour to incorporate discussions, workshops and masterclasses. The teachers will always aim to lead by example.

Our Children

This policy is intended to empower children who are vital and active participants in our organisation. We involve them when making decisions, especially about matters that directly affect them. We listen to their views and respect what they have to say.

We promote diversity and tolerance in our organisation, and people from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds are welcome. In particular we:

  • promote the cultural safety, participation and empowerment of Aboriginal children
  • promote the cultural safety, participation and empowerment of children from culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds
    • ensure that children with a disability are safe and can participate equally.

Our Staff and Volunteers

This policy guides our staff and volunteers on how to behave with children in our organisation. 

All of our staff and volunteers must agree to abide by our code of conduct which specifies the standards of conduct required when working with children. All staff and volunteers, as well as children and their families, are given the opportunity to contribute to the development of the code of conduct. 

Our organisation is committed to preventing child abuse and identifying risks early, and removing and reducing these risks.

We are committed to remaining up to date with current best practice in this area of risk identification.

Our organisation has robust human resources and recruitment practices for all staff and volunteers.

As a minimum all staff will hold a current Working with Children Check and Level 2 First Aid Certificate. Staff will have relevant qualifications or be in the process of obtaining qualifications under the direction of the Principal. All staff will attend regular internal and external professional development.

Our organisation is committed to regularly training and educating our staff and volunteers on child abuse risks.

As a minimum our staff will participate in 4 internal professional development sessions per year. All volunteers will be given a clear briefing and induction prior to assisting with The Dance Centre events eg. Annual Performances.

All staff, volunteers of The Dance Centre are required to observe child safe principles and expectations for appropriate behaviour towards and in the company of children, as noted below.

All personnel of The Dance Centre are responsible for supporting the safety, participation, wellbeing and empowerment of children by:

• adhering to The Dance Centre child safe policy at all times / upholding The Dance Centre statement of commitment to child safety at all time

• taking all reasonable steps to protect children from abuse

• treating everyone with respect

• listening and responding to the views and concerns of children, particularly if they are telling you that they or another child has been abused and/or are worried about their safety or the safety of another

• promoting the cultural safety, participation and empowerment of Aboriginal children (for example, by never questioning an Aboriginal child’s self-identification)

• promoting the cultural safety, participation and empowerment of children with culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds (for example, by having a zero tolerance of discrimination)

• promoting the safety, participation and empowerment of children with a disability (for example, during personal care activities)

• ensuring as far as practicable that adults are not left alone with a child

• reporting any allegations of child abuse to The Dance Centre principal and

ensure any allegations are reported to the police or child protection

• reporting any child safety concerns to The Dance Centre Child Safety Officer 

• if an allegation of child abuse is made, ensure as quickly as possible that the child(ren) are safe

  • encouraging children to ‘have a say’ and participate in all relevant organisational activities where possible, especially on issues that are important to them.

Staff and volunteers must not:

• develop any ‘special’ relationships with children that could be seen as favouritism (for example, the offering of gifts or special treatment for specific children)

• exhibit behaviours with children which may be construed as unnecessarily physical (for example inappropriate sitting on laps. Sitting on laps could be appropriate sometime, for example while reading a storybook to a small child in an open plan area)

• put children at risk of abuse (for example, by locking doors)

• do things of a personal nature that a child can do for themselves, such as toileting or changing clothes

• engage in open discussions of a mature or adult nature in the presence of children (for example, personal social activities)

• use inappropriate language in the presence of children

• express personal views on cultures, race or sexuality in the presence of children

• discriminate against any child, including because of culture, race, ethnicity or disability

• have contact with a child or their family outside of our organisation without our child safety officer’s knowledge and/or consent (for example, no babysitting). Accidental contact, such as seeing people in the street, is appropriate.

• have any online contact with a child or their family (unless necessary, for example providing families with e-newsletters)

  • ignore or disregard any suspected or disclosed child abuse.

By observing these standards you acknowledge your responsibility to immediately report any breach of this code to The Dance Centre Child Safety Officer.

If you believe a child is at immediate risk of abuse phone 000.

Training and supervision

Training and education is important to ensure that everyone in our organisation understands that child safety is everyone’s responsibility. 

Our organisational culture aims for all staff and volunteers (in addition to parents/carers and children) to feel confident and comfortable in discussing any allegations of child abuse or child safety concerns. We train our staff and volunteers to identify, assess, and minimise risks of child abuse and to detect potential signs of child abuse. 

We also support our staff and volunteers through ongoing supervision to: develop their skills to protect children from abuse; and promote the cultural safety of Aboriginal children, the cultural safety of children from linguistically and/or diverse backgrounds, and the safety of children with a disability. 

New employees and volunteers will be supervised regularly to ensure they understand our organisation’s commitment to child safety and that everyone has a role to play in protecting children from abuse, as well as checking that their behaviour towards children is safe and appropriate. Any inappropriate behaviour will be reported through appropriate channels, including the Department of Health and Human Services and Victoria Police, depending on the severity and urgency of the matter.

Training and development plans will be put in place each year that identify team and individual training needs. These plans will identify key areas for development and upskilling and will ensure that we remain up to date with current best practice. 


We take all reasonable steps to employ skilled people to work with children. We develop selection criteria and advertisements which clearly demonstrate our commitment to child safety and an awareness of our social and legislative responsibilities. Our organisation understands that when recruiting staff and volunteers we have ethical as well as legislative obligations.

We actively encourage applications from Aboriginal peoples, people from culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds and people with a disability. 

All people engaged in child-related work, including volunteers, are required to hold a Working with Children Check and to provide evidence of this Check. 

We carry out reference checks and police record checks to ensure that we are recruiting the right people.

Allegations, concerns and complaints

Our organisation takes all allegations seriously and has practices in place to investigate thoroughly and quickly. Our staff and volunteers are trained to deal appropriately with allegations. 

We work to ensure all children, families, staff and volunteers know what to do and who to tell if they observe abuse or are a victim, and if they notice inappropriate behaviour. 

We all have a responsibility to report an allegation of abuse if we have a reasonable belief that an incident took place.

If an adult has a reasonable belief that an incident has occurred then they must report the incident. Factors contributing to reasonable belief may be:

  • a child states they or someone they know has been abused (noting that sometimes the child may in fact be referring to themselves)
  • behaviour consistent with that of an abuse victim is observed
  • someone else has raised a suspicion of abuse but is unwilling to report it
  • observing suspicious behaviour. 

Our Child Safety Officer (the Principal) will be the first port of call for all incidents and will guide staff through all procedural requirements

We have legal and moral obligations to contact authorities when we are worried about a child’s safety, which we follow rigorously.

We will ensure that we remain up to date with all obligations via our association and memberships with peak bodies such as Dance Arts Alliance, Ausdance, ADV, YPAD and Keep Kids Safe in Dance.


All personal information considered or recorded will respect the privacy of the individuals involved, whether they be staff, volunteers, parents or children, unless there is a risk to someone’s safety. We have safeguards and practices in place to ensure any personal information is protected. Everyone is entitled to know how this information is recorded, what will be done with it, and who will have access to it. 


We are committed to remaining up to date with current best practice and implementing within our studio. You can find our Full Child Safety and Wellbeing Policy at our Front Desk


Regular review

This policy will be reviewed regularly and following significant incidents if they occur. We will ensure that families and children have the opportunity to contribute.