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The Dance Centre

At The Dance Centre we genuinely care about our students, their development and their wellbeing. 

We are passionate about helping your child achieve their individual goals whether they are physical or emotional. 

We aim to truly empower and help children and adult students to love themselves, their bodies and know they can do anything.

At The Dance Centre, We Dance to make a difference - in our own lives and each others.

The Dance Centre is the FIRST and ONLY Holistic Dance studio, offering Dance, Yoga, Fitness, Meditation and Nutrition programs to children and adults. We aim to offer something for every family member!

Our goal is to work with the whole individual to help them to feel safe, supported and empowered. The Dance Centre does this through creating an environment where respectful and lifelong relationships can be developed. At The Dance Centre, all students are encouraged to show leadership by accepting responsibility for their own actions and for creating a non - competitive, safe, kind and caring environment.

The Dance Centre offers specialised classes in Dance, Acrobatics, Singing, Musical theatre, Fitness, Yoga and Wellbeing development. All classes are delivered in an environment where the students feel included, comfortable and inspired. Teachers at The Dance Centre work hard to encourage, motivate and empower the students. Passionate working professionals themselves, they aim to pass on their wealth of current knowledge and expertise to every student. The staff at The Dance Centre are constantly upskilling to ensure we bring the latest methods to our students.

Educating the students goes beyond teaching them the correct dance technique; students also learn performance skills, anatomy and musicality in their classes. Class sizes are kept small at The Dance Centre, so all students receive equal individual attention and guidance from their teacher.

There is a lot on offer at The Dance Centre but there is absolutely no pressure. We understand that families are busy and we don't want to make life harder for you.

You can choose to participate in as much or as little as you like. We like to keep Dance fun and stress free! There is no sewing costumes, curling hair or elaborate makeup at our studio. We like to keep it simple and age appropriate.