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Our Values

The Dance Centre Core Values:

At The Dance Centre, we aim to develop caring and effective relationships between our students and teachers. Well-being practices are focused around our core values.

  1. To build a positive environment. To create a home away from home for our dance community.
  2. Celebrate and embrace each individual’s uniqueness. Our aim is to promote a place for freedom of expression through dance and music.
  3. Deliver exceptional classes at an affordable price.
  4. Promote progress over perfection.
  5. Have dedicated teachers who strive to be innovators and leaders in the industry.
  6. Be of service to our dance community.
  7. Create enriching memorable dance experiences that make an impact on our families.
  8. Pursue growth through continuous professional development and learning.
  9. Remain passionate, kind, humble and grounded always.
  10. Build long lasting relationships through our shared love of dance.

The Dance Centre has a Holistic Counsellor and

Youth Worker on site for our students.