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Classes we offer

Mummy, Daddy (or carer) and Me

An opportunity for our younger dancers, aged between 1.5 - 2 years of age to dance with their Mummy, Daddy or Primary Carer. With the use of visual imagery, props, songs, storytelling and musical instruments, students create memories, sharing the joy dance can bring. Students are introduced to basic dance foundations in ballet and jazz.


Toddler Dance

In our Toddler dance classes, students aged 2-3 years are taught to dance independently. They are shown how to follow directions, how to be spatially aware, how to take turns when speaking and dancing and how to dance and move in time with the music. Students further develop and build on their dance skills in both ballet and jazz styles.  Use of props, songs, musical rhythms and visual imagery is continued to be built upon in this program, making their dance classes fun and enriching. Students discover self expression and improvisation which creates a nurturing environment for them to explore their creativity and communicate through movement.


Pre School Dance

The Pre School dance class is specifically designed to teach our 3-4 year old students, the fundamentals of jazz and ballet dance styles. Students learn the technical skills of both styles in a friendly, positive and nurturing environment.

Class programs are structured and follow a progressive curriculum. Your child will foster their love of dance as well as further develop their social skills, listening skills, body awareness, spatial awareness, coordination and gross motor skills.