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Once upon a time....

Posted By Jessica Modica Crichton  
07:42 AM

Once upon a time a young lady dreamed of opening a dance school. She was so afraid that no one would attend or that she may not be able to run it on her own. On an ordinary day she thought to herself ‘If I don’t try, will it be something I always look back on and regret?’ She couldn’t put into words how frightened she was and all the emotions she felt as she began the process to open her very own studio.

With a saturated market, the universe throwing so many obstacles at her, propelling her back into her fear town, she constantly reconsidered her decision. With support and encouragement from her husband, family and friends she began to pull strength and optimism from them.

The day she opened The Dance Centre, familiar faces flooded the studio. Her heart was filled with gratitude. The students not only supported her but made her feel safe. They inspired her. They gave her an inner fire and drive to make their dance experience the best possible. Months passed and more students walked through the door. She felt appreciation for every single one of them.

She would be lying if she didn’t tell you that her insecurities often surfaced and that she doubted every decision she made. Journaling helped and if you visited her home you would notice quotes around her house, reminding her ‘You’re doing great’, ‘Keep going!’, ‘Never give up!’ She encouraged herself to say those words silently when faced with tough situations. She stopped craving acceptance from others and placing unrealistic expectations on herself.

While reflecting on her first successful year, she made a promise to always be her own biggest supporter. To not feel as if she needs to hear positive feedback from others to know it must be true. She vowed to step up and be her own best friend in times of need and to say what she needs to hear.

When the next year rolled around, her dance studio had doubled in size. More beautiful families joined the studio and her heart continued to expand with gratitude and immense appreciation. Now in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic and all of the emotional, mental and physical challenges that brings, her heart is again full of love for her dance community. Her students, families, teachers and friends are opening their arms (virtually!) in loving support of each other and she is reminded of why she is running The Dance Centre. Not only to bring dance and creative joy to the lives of talented students, but to create a strong sense of community and family that can withstand the tough times and shine on.

It doesn’t matter how many years pass or how long a student attends The Dance Centre, each and every one of the students, parents and teachers play a huge part in the journey.

To our dance family know that you are appreciated, you are supported and your dance community will always be there for you. And from one dreamer to another, if you have a dream that scares you, I will hold your hand through it. Because all you need is one person to believe in you. I believe in you!

Let’s dream big together always x